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We create value for businesses

Credit Online is one of the leading players on the Hungarian market. Our solution enables us to create information-based value for businesses, which supports decision making and partner selection, and minimises the business risk associated with partners. Whether it is a Hungarian or an international company, Credit Online provides complex and relevant information about their financial and legal situation, network of contacts and other parameters important for your business.

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We like to create something original

When developing the software, our main goal was to create a product that would meet the needs of our customers and contain useful and relevant information. Another expectation was that the system should be easy to use, even on a mobile phone. We can confidently say that Credit Online stands out from the competition in the business information system field in many respects. Our solution is comprehensive and practical. You can find information about existing and potential partners on a clear, no-frills, user-friendly interface.

We listen to our customers

And to one another. We think as a team. It is important for us to provide increasingly sophisticated and high-quality solutions to support our customers' business decisions. We can achieve this by constantly talking to our customers and to one another. We strive to get better and better and find smarter solutions. The world is changing and we are changing with it.

Business information from any country around the world

We provide business information from all over the world through our international contacts, which makes us unique among Hungarian service providers. Our international partners are market leaders both in their respective regions and internationally.

Credit Online is a recognised player in the industry

We provide business information that meets the requirements of credit insurers on the Hungarian market and is suitable for assessing the creditworthiness and business risk of your trading partners. Our business information service is included in the policies of every credit insurer operating on the Hungarian market (Atradius, Coface, Euler Hermes) as a risk prevention tool, and is also recorded in the certificates issued by these credit insurers. In addition to every Hungarian company, our database also includes information on sole traders, non-profit organisations and budgetary institutions. Our database is made up of data of public interest gained from 14 public registers.


Federation of Creditreform Associations
Hungarian Association of Receivables Managers and Business Information Service Providers
Federation of Business Information Service
Creative Management Association

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