Data integration

Automatically display the publicly available authentic company and financial data of your business partners in your own system and avoid manual data recording.

Automated data updates in your enterprise management system

Always being up to date with the economic changes and information related to your partners is just as important as maintaining direct business relations with them.

Data integration through API

You can increase the effectiveness of long-term partnerships by categorising your clients according to financial and other criteria. If you also take into account the available economic indicators during the regular renewal of upsell or cross-sell proposals, and the delivery and payment conditions offered to them, you can make the cooperation more effective and safer.

With Credit Online's Data Integration solution, you can directly channel your partners' data into your enterprise management or customer management system, so you can display important economic information about your customers in addition to internal sales parameters.

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Automate your processes and move away from manual data entry.

Updating your data the old fashioned way on a quarterly or annual basis involves a significant investment of time and resources. Your staff have to search for data sources, and in many cases manually input the updated sales, profit, risk and other indicators. Another problem may arise if the data is recorded incorrectly or is not recorded at all. All of this can be avoided with Credit Online's Data Integration solution.

Data integration

Data integration. We have lots of experience in the field. This is why you should use Credit Online services.

  • Daily automatic data updates directly in your system, from authentic official sources.

  • There is no need for expensive and time-consuming manual data entry, which is prone to errors.

  • If your partner's corporate data changes, the updated information will automatically appear in your system.

  • You can monitor the financial situation and risk rating of your business partners and any changes to them.

  • You can use the data for planning and fine-tuning your sales and marketing.

  • You don't have to constantly check with your staff whether the data has been updated correctly.

Credit Online API (Application Programming Interface) link

With the help of the API, the information in Credit Online's database can be easily exported to your administration system.

Today, more and more enterprise resource planning (ERP) and customer relationship management (CRM) systems have application programming interfaces (APIs). This data flow channel enables secure transfer of information.

Up-to-date and accurate business information integrated into your system

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