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Great marketing depends on reaching the target market.
Grow your customer portfolio using a company database that is always up to date.

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Marketing information

Developing marketing messages and a sales campaign strategy requires creativity as well as a significant investment of time and money. In order for the work you have invested to really pay off, it is essential that the messages reach their recipients with the most precise targeting possible. We can help with this by giving you a relevant list of companies to target.

Don't waste your time researching and recording data. Focus your resources on creating the right marketing message, and leave the generation of company lists to the Credit Online Marketing module.

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Compile a list of companies by specifying any filtering criteria

You can filter the marketing list based on various criteria in the Credit Online Marketing module. You can find business partners that best match your target group with a wide variety of filter settings.

Marketing list Credit Online

Marketing information for successful sales. This is why you should use Credit Online services.

  • We simplify the process of generating marketing lists. With a few clicks, you can get up-to-date and relevant company lists.

  • Using more than 40 different filtering options, customers tailored to your target market will be added to your database.

  • We provide accurate information about the financial situation and risk characteristics of the companies in the marketing list.

  • You can do due diligence of and explore your prospective customers even before negotiations begin so you can spend more time on reliable partners.

The lists are always up-to-date with authentic business information

Your marketing and sales activities deserve to be based on company lists that consist of up-to-date and authentic data.

One of the keys to effective sales is having up-to-date customer data. Don't take the risk of databases containing outdated information. The company’s authority and contact data are regularly updated in Credit Online. This way you can find the right customers and in doing so help your sales staff achieve better results in a shorter time.

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