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Information is power, especially in business.

The development of your business requires reliable partners, and responsible business management requires appropriate information.

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With the help of Credit Online's Business Information module, you can verify the risk level, size and financial situation of your future or existing business partners going back up to ten years. In a few minutes, you can be confident whether it is worth establishing or maintaining a business relationship with a particular company based on our risk indicators.

Our solution quickly and accurately shows everything you really need to know about the economic background of a business.

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Credit Online highlights the most important information about every company in a clear format, with tables and easy-to-interpret graphs. Our risk rating immediately shows the stability of businesses and the probability of their going insolvent.

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Risk mitigation. Our mission. This is why you should use Credit Online services.

  • We provide fast and accurate information on the financial situation of companies from up-to-date official sources.

  • We clearly and specifically present the risk rating of companies and their industries.

  • It is immediately apparent if several businesses are registered at a given location, which can pose a risk.

  • If it is a high-risk company, you can examine any negative authority proceedings initiated against it, allowing you to make a more confident decision.

  • You can do due diligence of and explore your prospective customers even before negotiations begin so you can spend more time on reliable partners.

  • You can monitor the financial situation and risk rating of existing business partners as well as any changes to them.

Avoid surprises and prepare yourself to work with your partners.


Collecting information takes time and energy. With Credit Online, you get instant access to the information you need, saving you precious time.

By getting key data such as the company's annual sales revenue, size and number of employees, you can fine-tune your sales strategy and create a more secure position right from the first phase of negotiations.

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