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Minimise your business risks. Credit Online offers a variety of tools to best suit your profile and business operations, whatever that may be.

Companies have to take risks to be successful in business. Retain control.


As well as focusing on acquiring and keeping satisfied customers, successful companies also devote significant resources to risk management.

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In the course of business, risk factors may arise in many areas. The supply-demand relationship, the technological conditions, or the legal environment regulating competition or the industry could change. Companies constantly monitor these areas and react to changes. Risks arising from the financial and economic operation of partner companies are no exception to this, and we can provide you with significant assistance in this context.

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Effectively manage risks arising from partnerships.

We know that monitoring and managing risks in different areas requires significant resources. Credit Online's solutions make it possible for you to always be up-to-date with positive or negative information about business entities, whether they are your existing or future business partners.

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Risk mitigation. This is why you should use Credit Online’s innovative platform.

  • The Credit Online business information platform contains selected financial data on all Hungarian companies, and you can even view their position in the industry.

  • In the Contact Network module, the network of additional organisations related to the owners and managers of the selected company is visually available, and you can find out who the beneficial owner is.

  • With the Monitoring module, you can track major changes in the business data and authority procedures of the selected companies. The system sends daily notifications on this information.

  • We make data on any negative procedures at the selected companies as well as positive status reports available retroactively.

  • With our Data Integration solution, information on Hungarian businesses and authority registrations is automatically updated in our customers’ systems.

  • Credit Online’s International Business Report module has access to data on 88 million international companies.

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We focus on showing our customers a complete, transparent picture of every business they might work with. We have been providing credit management services since 2002, and our business information system represents a new-generation approach on the Hungarian market.

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