Have you ever had difficulty making the right decision when choosing a partner? Easily review the economic and industry situation of similar companies using Credit Online's analytical tools.

Choose the more promising partner.

Whether you participate in a business transaction as a seller or a supplier, it is important to choose the best partner to cooperate with.

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Always making the right decision on which supplier (or even customer) to choose in a given industry is challenging for businesses. This choice is always crucial, especially when you have to decide between several apparently similar companies competing with one another. 
Credit Online uses advanced analytical tools to process business data from credible sources, making it significantly easier for you to make the right decision.

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Choose a financially stable partner.

Use Credit Online's analyses to compare the economic and financial performance of the examined companies. Telling and easy-to-understand graphs make the essential differences between business organisations immediately visible, which enables you to make a responsible decision.

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You can always make a confident decision with the Credit Online Analysis module.

  • You can compare companies and business entities competing with one another in the same sector.

  • Make a confident business decision based on reliable data sources when you have to choose between two suppliers or buyers.

  • You can review the economic situation of any Hungarian organisation based on interactive financial and sector indicators, as well as with the help of additional special indexes.

  • Decision support information is available on a single platform in a logical, easy-to-interpret form.

  • You can compare your competitors and even your own company's performance with that of your rivals.

Analyse your prospective partner’s position in the industry.

In addition to financial indicators, Credit Online's Industry module also displays industry indicators, so you can find not only the most financially stable but also the best performing companies in their own industry.

Credit Online examines data from the last five years based on the TEÁOR (NACE) number for the main activity, summing up the number of enterprises belonging to the sector. It classifies the currently viewed company into a peer category based on turnover, and also displays the number of businesses belonging to the same turnover category as the company concerned.

Make a fact-based decision using benchmarks

Learn about Credit Online's Financial and Industry Analysis options.

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