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Being thoroughly informed is one of the keys to success.

Companies that take the time and energy to always stay up-to-date are more successful in business.

Monitoring Credit Online

In addition to following professional trends, it is also important to follow the changes taking place in the market environment. It is extremely important to be aware of the changes in the legal and economic status of your partners.

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Get immediate notifications about changes affecting your partners.

Credit Online’s Monitoring module follows selected companies on different levels and automatically sends notifications about the most important changes to them.

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We act in time. This is why you should use Credit Online services.

  • We send systematic, detailed notifications on a daily basis. We can even do this for your entire customer portfolio.

  • We share information using data collected and organised from 14 authority registers.

  • We monitor changes at three levels, so you can assign different escalation levels to different events.

React immediately if there is a problem.


Take steps to increase your safety, and act before the situation gets critical.

With the information we provide, you can make sure that your receivables, deliveries, pending financial transactions, and outsourced stocks with the relevant partner are safe.

Critical monitoring events

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